Journal Publications

Selected journals on the various aspects of water research were identified, belonging mainly to the upper 25% of ranked journal in the various fields.        Read more…

The 10 most recent papers of members were published in the following journals (in no particular order, list not exhaustive):

Hydrological Processes  |  Natural Hazards  |  Water Resources  |  Climate  |  Revista Asociación Argentina de Geología aplicada a la Ingeniería  |  PNAS  |  Journal of Flood Engineering  |  Revista Ciencia e Natura  |  Climate Change  |  Agricultural and Forest Meteorology  |  Environmental Science and Technology  |  Land Degradation and Development  |  National Science Review |  Agricultural Water Management  |  Hrvatski geografski glasnik  |  Geoadria |  Transactions on Ecology and the Environment  |  Water Resources Research |  Science (proffs. Liu, Chang and Yang: congratulations!) |  Nature (Prof. Liu: congratulations!) |  Acta Geographica Croatica  |  Investigaciones Geograficas (Mexico) Cuademos des Investigacion Geografica (Spain)  |  Ecosystem, Health and Sustainability  |  Science of the Total Environment  |  Hydrological Earth Systems Science  |  Geographical Analysis  |  ISTINA |  IAHS publications  |  Water Resources  |  Journal for African Earth Sciences |  Environmental Earth Sciences  |  South African Journal of Science  |  Water SA |  Cancer Epidemiology  |  Journal of Hydrology|  Hydrology and Water Resources |  Earth Perspectives  |  Climate Change Management  |  Journal of Hazardous Materials |  Environmental Science Pollution Research  |  Management Journal  |  Chemosphere |  Climato  |  Limnology  |  JEPE-Journal |  Geomorphology  |  IEEE  |  Arid Ecosystems |  Russian Meteorology and Hydrology  |  Geography Environment Sustainability |  Journal of Resources and Ecology  |  Ice and Snow

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A ranking of Journals can be found at:

Predatory journals –
A list of predatory journals (including those in the water field) that should be avoided as their main objectives are monetary (e.g. charging author fees) and commonly result in sub-standard publications, is available at:

Glossary HydrologyInternational glossary of hydrology (En-Ru-Fr-Sp)
Lexique HydrologiqueDictionary of hydrological engineering (En-Ru-Ro-Fr-Arabic-Polish-Armenian)