Retirement of Prof. Scarpati

Prof. Olga Scarpati

Country: Argentina

Affiliation: National Research Council-Center of Pharmacologic and Botanic Studies/ La Plata National University-Geography Department

After nearly two decades of serving the Commission as its Secretary Prof. Olga E. Scarpati has announced her retirement from active scientific research and academia. 

Olga was one of the founding members of the Commission and has unfailingly helped distributing news and information among the Commission members ever since. Olga also organised the Commission’s first meeting in Latin America (Buenos Aires, 2005) overcoming fiscal constraint plaguing the country through sucessfully soliciting support from a range of national and international institutions. 

Preparing for her departure from active involvement well in advance Olga was able to engage new young researchers to ensure the continued representation of Argentina on the Commission securing an important gateway for members to collaborate with non-English speaking colleagues in Latin America.

The chair, the founder of the Commission Emeritus Professor Tony Jones and the Steering Committee are unanimous in thanking Olga for her unfailing enthusiastic support of the Commission, her warmth and friendship and wish her plenty of opportunity to enjoy these years of her new life together with her partner Alberto, family and all the people dear to her.

Study Areas:

Flood events in Buenos Aires province.

Droughts distribution in Buenos Aires province (Argentina).

Evolution of soil water surplus in Pampean region.