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Bucharest conference 2019


2019-03-22 LZ – Flyer annaul meeting CWS Bucharest June 2019

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Prof. Olga Scarpati

Country: Argentina

Affiliation: National Research Council-Center of Pharmacologic and Botanic Studies/ La Plata National University-Geography Department

After nearly two decades of serving the Commission as its Secretary Prof. Olga E. Scarpati has announced her retirement from active scientific research and academia. 

Olga was one of the founding members of the Commission and has unfailingly helped distributing news and information among the Commission members ever since. Olga also organised the Commission’s first meeting in Latin America (Buenos Aires, 2005) overcoming fiscal constraint plaguing the country through sucessfully soliciting support from a range of national and international institutions. 

Preparing for her departure from active involvement well in advance Olga was able to engage new young researchers to ensure the continued representation of Argentina on the Commission securing an important gateway for members to collaborate with non-English speaking colleagues in Latin America.

The chair, the founder of the Commission Emeritus Professor Tony Jones and the Steering Committee are unanimous in thanking Olga for her unfailing enthusiastic support of the Commission, her warmth and friendship and wish her plenty of opportunity to enjoy these years of her new life together with her partner Alberto, family and all the people dear to her.

Study Areas:

Flood events in Buenos Aires province.

Droughts distribution in Buenos Aires province (Argentina).

Evolution of soil water surplus in Pampean region.

Glossary HydrologyInternational glossary of hydrology (En-Ru-Fr-Sp)
Lexique HydrologiqueDictionary of hydrological engineering (En-Ru-Ro-Fr-Arabic-Polish-Armenian)

In preparation for the annual report for 2017/2018 due in December 2018 I herewith kindly request all members to please provide me with a list of outputs over the period 10-2017 to 10-2018 that relate to the Commission including joint publications, presentations and posters, jointly supervised students, research visits, joint workshops, conferences and meetings, joint research proposals and collaborative projects (e.g. as part of BRICS programmes) etc. Any information provided on or before 20 November 2018 will be included in the report.

6-10 August 2018, Quebec Canada

Latest Newsletter: Newsletter 18

Quebec 2018 Photo

Latest Book / Publication: 
The possibility of collecting papers from the meeting to be jointly published in a special issue or dedicated book was discussed at the business meeting agreeing that members should come forward after the conference with concrete suggestions on possible overarching themes summarily reflecting the various sessions. I would like to, once again, encourage members to contact me if there are any concrete ideas in this regard. Options to explore could include:

(a) Using established publishers like Springer to explore opportunities of publishing a dedicated book, a template for such project is attached to the newsletter;
(b) Approaching a suitable journal for considering a special issue on a dedicated water issue (themes to still be specified), however this would require a critical mass of topical papers in areas of wider interest. This would be similar to our special issue in in Ecosystem Health and Sustainability (EHS): Water sustainability and watershed ecosystem health initiated in 2016.
(c) Considering single papers with joint authorships exploring synergies between different members with shared research interests.


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